I Will Never Pursue You

This greatly reminded, convicted me the role of women in dating. That I, myself, have to wait, actively. Seeking God, with all my heart. Fulfilling the purpose of which my Creator has planned for me. Becoming a better woman, for the Lover of my soul, and for my future godly man. ♥


Maybe I’m beginning to like you a lot,
but I will never pursue you.
Around me, I’m tempted by all these pawns
calling me to use them,
looking me in the eye, saying
maybe you and I can ”accidentally” bump into each other in a coffee shop;
maybe we can schedule “friendly dates” with a bunch of conniving friends;
maybe I can start “innocent” topics with you over that gleaming chat box,
ask you things that no one would brand as bad,
I can even send you “wrong sends.”
But even this early, I realized
that albeit pawns are the most numerous pieces in a game,
at the end of the day,
they are but
the weakest.


Don’t get me wrong -
I want to be with you.
Just to get to know you more,
I am ready to manipulate
so many things -

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God does things Accordingly

“Still, give thanks to God, for He is not a God who does things randomly. In every situation, He acts accordingly to promote you and bring you to a ‘better good.’ He does not leave you stuck in your troubles.”
     –  Pam Carbungco
The moment when you realized that God is sovereign still, in the midst of your confusion, rebel states, stubbornness, He still has full control over your life. And He does not allow things to happen randomly, I can only imagine just how much He was hurting by the bad decisions that I’ve made in the past, but still, He allowed it for the “better good”. For me to come to this state of helplessness and awe of His love, mercy and grace.
You are good, Lord. You are good.
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28

In the Season of Waiting

When you just heard that your best friend, whom you’ve shared the same sentiments with about the issues of the heart, now has a boyfriend and in love. And there you are, single, mind confused, heart broken by the pain of the past, you just can’t help but look on your self. Ask questions that you know are dumb and pointless, tempted to have self-pity, wallow in sadness and over analyze your situation. Again.

Yes, you are genuinely happy for her. But you just can’t help but ask, “How about me?” (I know, dumb.)

But a midst all these temptations to feel sad and left out, there comes the reality of sadness, loneliness, but just enough for you to run to the Healer, just enough for you to realize how weak and fragile you are. Just enough to throw yourself at the feet of Jesus and seek comfort and peace at His Presence.

The pain, the sadness that you’ve been feeling will eventually get you to your utmost dependence in Jesus Christ. That He can make you new again, feel whole. That He is what you need.

This pain, will eventually build up your faith.

That all by faith, you will continue to believe that you are loved, you are complete no matter what the season you’re in. All by faith, you will continue to believe that your great Healer is preparing you for that glorious time that you will be in the new season, where everything is right.

You will continue to believe, All by Faith, that God is preparing you for that relationship where He will be honored and glorified. Yes, it is a big role to fill in, and God wants you to be fully ready before handing you that gift.

So you resolved in believing, that this is your season now, Waiting. Actively waiting. Seeking Jesus with all your heart, seeking His will for your life, building a right foundation of faith that will get you through places you never expected. Enjoying every beautiful gift that He is placing in your way, all for a special purpose.

Concretely building your conviction, your standards that cannot be shaken by cheap words or actions or by your ever changing emotions.

As beautifully written on this blog from Mandy Hale that I came across earlier:

Long we wait for the promise. But we do not wait alone. He is here, in the waiting, in the praying, in the weeping, in the hoping, in the doubting, in the trusting, in the wishing…HE IS HERE.

God is with me, I have all that I need.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Wait patiently for the Lord.
    Be brave and courageous.
    Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” -Psalm 27:14


Memories that could kill..

Forgiven and Free 🙂


Do you have memories that still haunt you?
Or maybe not haunt but ones that try to pop their head up from time to time.

And every time they do….they always bring shame regret, and guilt along with them.
And you find yourself wallowing in the same pain, the same hurt, the same lies of the past.


The weight is so heavy at times that it seems as if there is a huge brick on the back of your head.
And this brick causes you to walk with your head down as the memories re-play in your mind.

You wish you could go back.
Maybe re-do a few things. OR erasea lot of things.

But what’s done has been done.

We all have our own bundle of unhappy and at times tormenting memories that hide deep within us.

The ones that don’t leave us alone. The ones…

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Father and Daughter

You heard me cry and the sound drew you in.

My tears wash against your feet, but you persist.

“I’m not worth it; I’m not worth it,” I keep on saying.

“But you are. Of course, you are,” you insist.

You gather me in your arms, your hands on my back;

You sing to me your love, sing with all your heart.

“How can I not love you? I am your rock;

I will be here forever; I won’t let you fall apart.

“How can I not love you? I am your Creator;

I’d been with you since day one; and I could not leave—

Not when you sinned, not even when you cursed;

Not even when you lost control whenever you are peeved.

“How could you think I’ll ever stop? You are my daughter;

I gave up my life, so you could have a new one.

There is nothing that a father would want to see better

Than His child fully secured in His love and plan.”

God’s Radical daughter tumblr

Guard Your Heart (Emotional Purity)

Stay Guarded.

His Girl

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. ~ Proverbs 4:23 (ESV) 


Our heart is very valuable treasure that we must protect and guard…why? Well, because our life depends on it. Besides, why would God ever instruct us to guard something unimportant? (He doesn’t by the way) So when God instructs us to guard or to protect our hearts it must mean that our hearts must be very vital and it is.  Our hearts makes us who we are and it determines our lives.

Proverbs 4:23 “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” That verse should say it all. Our hearts are more valuable than the next upcoming quiz, guy, or latest Twilight move. When we talk about emotional purity, we’re stating how to keep our emotions and hearts pure. As I have said earlier, purity is…

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